Kenya Mission Trip 2018


Plans are underway for a mission trip to Meru, Kenya in August 2018!  During this 2-week trip you will be able to meet children and families sponsored through UPPC’s Cherish Ministry, as well as build bonds and strengthen relationships with our ministry partners in Kenya. The trip is open to anyone interested, including families with children.  What better way to learn about Kenya and the people of Meru than to immerse yourself in their culture, even if it’s only for a short time!

Some details to consider as you think and pray about this opportunity:

  • Participating families and individuals will attend regular classes prior to traveling to prepare culturally, emotionally, and spiritually for the trip.
  • The hotels we will stay in may feel very different from typical American hotels. Sometimes showers don’t have hot water, all beds have mosquito nets over them, electrical outlets are European-type, etc.
  • Guidance will be given on vaccines and medications recommended for adults and children that will ensure everyone is at very low risk for tropical diseases, including mosquito-born diseases (i.e., malaria).
  • Kenyan food is delicious! But, different. Common breakfast foods include eggs, fruits, porridge. Common lunch and dinner foods include beef or chicken stews and curries, fish, cooked vegetables, rice, and beans.
  • Safety: we will not be traveling to parts of Kenya that are sometimes in the news due to violence or security issues. Meru is in central Kenya, hundreds of miles away from “high alert” areas.

If you are interested in participating in the 2018 mission trip to Meru, or just want more information, contact Emily Bosh at