UPPC Session Tours FUN Facilities


As a part of UPPC Session’s monthly meeting on February 21, members toured the Families Unlimited Network SPOT facilities here at UPPC and the Food Bank next door. During the tour, Doug Stoeckicht, FUN Executive Director and Laura Suders, SPOT Program Manager, updated Session on the UPPC/FUN partnership’s accomplishments, and discussed plans for the future.


Many session members previously volunteered at at FUN and were excited to hear about the partnership’s growth and FUN’s impact on our community. Also participating in the tour were Pastor Taeler Morgan, Lynn Royston, UPPC/FUN Support Team Leader, and other members of the FUN support team. FUN is one of UPPC’s oldest Local Mission Ministries and provides services to approximately 30,000 individuals annually.

For more information about FUN and how you can volunteer, please check here.